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Working in Solidarity with Nicaraguan Grassroots Partners since 1985


Our partner projects are community-initiated and focus on the health, harmony and well-being of individuals as well as the community as a whole. They address not only urgent needs but the roots of social injustice, empowering successive generations in poor communities to continue to strive for economic, social and ecological sustainability.


As the group travels the country meeting ProNica’s project partners, themes like Latin American history, globalization, international politics and economics, community development, women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability become clear and personal as delegates interact with the people doing the work at the grassroots level.


Meet ProNica project partners on a more leisurely Witness Tour and experience a country renowned for its stunning vistas, its warm hospitality, and the inspiring resilience of its people.

In addition to visiting our project partners working on women’s rights, rehabilitating abandoned children, organic farming, and our famous beauty school, visitors stop by potters’ and artisans’ studios, enjoy performances by musicians, and shop in local markets specializing in native handicrafts.


Volunteers with our partner and affiliate communities in Nicaragua are accepted based on volunteer skills and interests and our partners’ needs. Those interested in volunteering, please contact us [stateside].

Volunteers in Nicaragua must speak fluent (or near-fluent) Spanish and commit to a minimum of two months of service. Language is a requisite since most volunteers will be in placements where no one speaks English.  For those who do not speak Spanish, we would be happy to recommend excellent Spanish schools, like Hijos del Maiz in the community of El Lagartillo, where students get on-on-one tutoring while sharing in life in the rural cooperative.