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Fostering cross-cultural relationships

ProNica builds on a foundation of equality and integrity. At the heart of our work is the awareness that people in marginalized communities understand their own problems and are in the best position to innovate solutions.


The ProNica projects hold promise for grassroots growth, arise from Nicaraguan needs and tradition, and provide not only survival but also empowerment. We educate those who seek information or wish to serve.

This service project arose from a deep concern over the international exploitation of the Nicaraguan people and resources and a wish to respond in practical and constructive ways.

Our partner projects are community-initiated and focus on the health, harmony and well-being of individuals as well as the community as a whole, addressing not only urgent needs but the roots of social injustice. The programs empower the most disadvantaged members of our human family, fostering economic, social and ecological sustainability.

ProNica's Story

In 1985, ProNica started making a difference.
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Our Staff

Our dedicated staff  serves as the core strength of the organization.
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Board of Directors

Provides guidance and stability to build on ProNica’s past and expand our future.
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Project Partners

What we’re REALLY about!
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