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Are You in the New York Metro Area, and Would You Like to Help Form a Giving Circle in Support of the Acahualinca Women’s Center?

Eager to learn more about the concerns of Friends in Nicaragua, my husband and I visited the Acahualinca Women’s Center while on a delegation in 2010. The Women’s Center was the centerpiece of our afternoon tour.

While there I saw pregnant women and other women with children at their feet waiting for their check-ups. I observed the legal office where women with domestic violence complaints or divorce cases are given legal assistance, and I even visited the “Salon de Belleza,” beautician job training facilities as we walked through the two story facility. We met with the founders who had been there for over two decades. They explained to us that as funding ebbed and flowed, their staff simply divided limited resources for salaries among themselves rather than laying off people during the bad times. They spoke of a major funder from Spain who had supported them for years.

When I read in the last ProNica Newsletter that the funder could no longer support them, I wanted to help, remembering their staff said they passed out condoms and educated sex workers about STD’s, essential public health work. If there are others in the NY metro area who want to work with me in raising awareness and funding for this important work, please contact me:Diane Keefe 917-312 4601