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Gifts that impact peaceful and equitable conditions in the developing world are especially meaningful during the holiday season.

At ProNica, we see daily reminderes of how our partners and donors participate in the transformation of lives:

ProNica partner, Los Quinchos, rescued Miguel from life on the streets of Managua’s Oriental Market when he was just 14.  Once enrolled at the residential boys farm, Miguel immediately took to gymnastics, one of the many extracurricular activities offered to the kids.  That’s how he earned the nickname, “Elastic Boy.”  In addition to enrolling in public school, Miguel  developed the skills of  hammock-making, trumpet playing and drawing.

Today, Miguel is 18 and a graduate of the program.  Los Quinchos recently offered him a job as a hammock-making instructor while he’s figuring out how to make his dream of becoming an architect a reality.

Earlier this year, Miguel taught hammock-making to a 12-year-old boy who had left home to beg on the streets and found his way to Los Quinchos. Soon after receiving Miguel’s mentorship, the youngster returned home, where he worked with his mom to open a hammock shop out of the front of their house.  Miguel grinned from ear to ear as he described his role in the reunification of this family, and after a moment of pensiveness said, “In my hometown, I used to be invisible, a nobody.  Now when I return, I am somebody.”

With support like yours—Miguel, his young protégé, and countless other youth—are being uplifted and even “paying it forward.”

Gifts to ProNica impact empowerment and hope for children who’ve barely ever known that hope existed. By making a donation today, you’re helping our partner organization, Los Quinchos, as they awaken the potential of the current group of nearly 300 youth under their care.

The commitment you make to ProNica is an expression of your value of local solutions. Please join today with hundreds of other like-minded friends who have pledged their continued support to one or more of ProNica’s inspiring grassroots partner organizations.

Happy holidays to all!