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Health promoter - Raquel

Acahualt health promoter, Raquel

Through family planning outreach in some of the most impoverished areas of Managua, the Acahualt Women’s Center has empowered countless women in choosing the sizes of their families and shaping the futures of their dreams. At the Acahualt Women’s Center, they believe every woman should have that chance.

Thanks to a new grant from Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) for $500, the Women’s Center is half way to the $1,000 they need to fully implement their next family planning outreach campaign.

Click here to make a gift toward the last $500 they need to meet their goal. To direct your funds accordingly, select “Acahualt Family Planning Outreach Campaign” from the designation drop down menu on the donation page.

Your contribution will help launch new dreams for women in Nicaragua today!

To read QEW’s pamphlet on how empowering women is linked to population, click here.

To learn more about QEW mini-grants, click here.