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Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman

casa-materna-headercasa-maternaLocated in the coffee-growing area of Matagalpa, Casa Materna is a temporary home for mothers who are experiencing complications in their pregnancies, putting them at risk of losing their child and possibly their lives. By relocating rural women closer to the Regional Hospital of Matagalpa, Casa Materna is able to provide food, shelter, education, transportation, and support for pregnant women for 1-2 weeks before and after delivery. Some women travel from the far-away Atlantic Coast to receive care at Casa Materna.

The most satisfying thing about my work, in all these years, is that not a single woman has died while in our care.

Jerónima Ubeda

Co-Founder and Director

Casa Materna Staff

The staff and volunteers at Casa Materna hold follow-up meetings in rural communities which include educational sessions, leadership training, and aid in the formation of mutual support groups. Outreach programs support local midwives and educate adolescents about sexual health, reproductive rights of women and personal responsibility. Casa-Materna-staff-in-front-of-mural

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Donate for contraceptives for post-birth mothers. Closely-spaced pregnancies is a leading cause of maternal and infant mortality. US$4.53 provides medical care, basic services, and food per mother per day.


Post-Operative Medications

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Family Planning

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