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Alternatives to Violence Project

The impact the workshop had on me is indescribable, and I’m sure each of the prisoners who participated were deeply moved by the experience.

Carlos Zelaya

Former Inmate Now Facilitator

Alternatives to Violence Project

First begun by Quakers in 1975, the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) was initiated in Managua’s Modelo prison in 1994. For Carlos Zelaya, a former inmate who participated in the workshop, the experience completely changed his life.  Upon his release Carlos contacted ProNica and trained as a facilitator. He introduced AVP to prisons throughout Nicaragua.

AVP helps workshop attendees develop creative and effective ways to resolve conflicts without violence. Nicaraguan participants are always eager for more. Whenever funding is available, a workshop is organized by ProNica, tapping into the growing body of trained facilitators who help spread AVP’s message that peace is possible one person and one community at a time.

What You Can Do

AVP workshops are supported by donations. $25 will fund one workshop participant.


5 participants
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20 participants
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