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Acahualt Women’s Center

Serving women & their families since 1992

“As a survivor of domestic violence and cervical cancer, I am here to tell women that if I got through it, they can too.”

Maria Elena Bonilla


Acahualinca sign Since 1992, the Acahualt Women’s Center has provided:

  • low cost general and gynecological medical care
  • legal aid, psychological therapy
  • sexual health education
  • job-training for poor and marginalized women in Managua’s poorest neighborhood of Acahualinca  where emotional, physical and sexual violence are common.

The Clinic has a laboratory for medical testing (pap smears, biopsies), a pharmacy, an ultrasound machine, and a space for self-help groups and workshops.

The staff operates a community preschool and library, serving the children of the nearby Managua city dump workers. Under construction is group housing to shelter women and their children who have suffered abuse and former sex slaves.

Staff members are part of a national task force on human trafficking of women and girls. Nicaragua has the second highest cervical cancer mortality rates in Latin America. The Clinic launched a permanent cervical cancer education campaign that has reached over 4,500 women.

In the last four years alone, Acahualt has helped save the lives of over 60 women with early detection and critical medical intervention. A mother’s life saved means fewer orphaned and abandoned children.

The Clinic is also home to a beauty school solely supported by ProNica.

What You Can Do

  • $5 provides a potentially life-saving pap smear for one woman
  • $75 a tubal ligation
  • $450 will pay for a clinic nurse for one month
  • Three month’s salary for an essential Acahualt staff member is $1500 (the director, the lawyer who attends cases of domestic violence and child abuse, or the psychologist who helps women gain self-esteem and heal from the trauma of sexual violence).

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