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Beauty School of Acahualinca

Women wanted to know how they could make a living. I told them that with a cape, a pair of scissors, a water bottle and a comb, they can make a living and survive. The beauty school has done more than I could have realized. I’ve never been so humbled and proud.

Pam Haigh

Sponsor & Mentor

Pam-Haigh-at-Beauty-School-graduation-224x300Near Managua’s city dump a unique program brings hope to women who had little hope before. Initially for women forced to work as prostitutes, a beauty school offers a chance for women to learn a viable trade.

In 2005 on a trip to Nicaragua, ProNica’s own Pam Haigh saw the need and heard the pleas of women wanting a better life and asked herself, “What can I do?”
Beauty school in actionWith her background in cosmetology, Pam realized that she had a skill that she could pass on so she followed her heart to open a beauty school and beautiful it is!!  Pam created a 10-month cosmetology program and is its mentor.

The beauty school’s first graduating class was in 2006. At graduation, each student receives a certificate and a kit to begin her new business.  Family members and friends enjoy food and dancing for a very special celebration.  Pam has traveled to Nicaragua and has never missed attending the Beauty School graduation ceremony.

This video captures the magnitude of the beauty school’s success.

What You Can Do

New classes at the beauty school begin when there are funds available for training and supplies.

Graduation Starter Kit

Acahualinca Beauty School
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Salary for Instructor

Acahualinca Beauty School
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