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Education for social change is meaningful and fun for Bryn Mawr/Haverford Delegates


Students chose beans and buried them in a bowl of soil, sharing what they hoped to learn or experience during the delegation.

Out on the Quaker House patio with the beckoning sounds of Managua drifting in, Ramón and Ada of ProNica wrapped up sheets of paper and mysteriously taped them.

It was the very first morning of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford delegation, and while Ramón played the ukulele, the group passed around the balls of paper, one-by-one.


The delegation participants chuckled as they learned that the colloquial Nicaraguan word, “Chunche” loosly translates to, “Thingy.”

When the music stopped, whoever had a ball, had to unwrap it and read the colloquial Nicaraguan word tucked inside.

Then laughter and intrigue abounded as everyone tried to guess what each word meant.


On the last day of the delegaion, the students were presented with their sprouted beans as they reflected on their hopes from the first day.

After carefully teaching the words to everyone, Ramón and Ada encouraged the group to use them during their rural homestays.

A fun ice breaker on the very first day ended up deepening the experience all through the trip, especially with the host families during homestays in
San Ramón. *


students-bryn mawr haverford

Bryn Mawr/Haverford group surrounds ProNica’s co-program directors, Ramón and Ada, just before students and professors pack to return to the states.